Boyd Conservation Area – Best Picnic Destination at Woodbridge, Vaughan, ON, CA

Boyd Conservation Area is an excellent place for picnics for both families and corporate offices. Besides, the Woodbridge neighborhood offers high-quality living facilities.


Woodbridge is one of the most favorite neighborhoods in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, to golf lovers. That’s because there is not one but two golf clubs in the neighborhood. They are The National Golf Club of Canada & The Country Club.

Woodbridge is actually popular for different sports lovers. If you like to do ice skating, then you can visit Father Bulfon Outdoor Rink. You may also Skillz Basketball Lab if you prefer playing basketball. The healthcare facility in the neighborhood is also good as ATS Healthcare offers good medical services.

There are several restaurants in the area. But if you are looking for something sweet, Anni & Dani’s Sweet will not disappoint you. However, if you are in the neighborhood only for a few days, then you can stay at Element Vaughan Southwest or Vaughan Inn.

The streets are very suitable for driving, cycling and walking. You also can have a good time at Fundale Park, Maxey Park, and Rainbow Creek Park. In short, Woodbridge is a wonderful neighborhood to live in with family.

Boyd Conservation Area

Boyd Conservation Area is mainly a park located inside the Woodbridge neighborhood. It is one of the major attractions in the area, allowing people to do a lot of outdoor activities and have a good time.

Summer is the best time to visit the Boyd Conservation Area. Kids visit the park with their families during summer vacation. Actually, it’s a great place to visit for families and groups. Individuals and families also can acquire membership to acquire access to other parks by a conservation authority.

Besides, corporate offices also arrange seminars and picnics in the park. There are 19 dedicated spots specially groomed for corporate picnics. Some of the areas have sheltered spots with volleyball and basketball courts, soccer fields and children’s playground as well.

The environment is very peaceful. Nature hiking and bird watching are some of the popular activities to do. Visitors usually praise the service of the park. The staff members are especially very helpful, most of whom are students.

If you are looking for directions to the Boyd Conservation Area, here is the direction starting from 180 Wardlaw Pl, Woodbridge, Ontario. First, head west on Wardlaw PI street. The road will turn right towards Sedgwick PI. Follow the road and turn left on Sedgwick PI and after 100 meters again take a left turn on Chatfield Dr. The first cross street will be Weston Rd, where you need to take a right turn. From here, you need to drive straight for almost 2.7 kilometers. On the way, you will cross the Vellore neighborhood. Then you will reach Premier Tax and Financial, 3883 Rutherford Rd, Woodbridge, ON L4L 9R8, Canada. It’s a tax collector’s office, which will be on your right, and this also means you have entered the Woodbridge neighborhood.

From there, continue driving straight on Weston Rd. Approximately 500 meters ahead, turn right and get onto Astona Blvd. There, you will see La Parilla on your right. It’s a restaurant addressed at 9000 Weston Rd Unit 7, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6, Canada. Besides that, there is Vicky & Mom’s Convenience store and Finesse Salon and Spa.

Continue driving onto Astona Blvd and 120 meters ahead turn left onto Velmar Dr. Stay on the Velmar Dr, and after driving around two minutes, you will reach St. Clare Children’s Centre located at 391 Velmar Dr, Woodbridge, ON L4L 8J5, Canada. It will be on your right side.

Continue onto Velmar Dr and turn left to get onto Santa Barbara PI. Stay on this street and drive approximately 500 meters, and then turn right. 700 meters ahead, you will reach Langstaff Rd, where you need to take a right turn and drive 1.8 kilometers more. On your left, you can see Maranatha Christian Reformed Church, 4561 Langstaff Rd, Woodbridge, ON L4L 2B2, Canada.

Keep driving onto Langstaff Rd and turn right after 500 meters onto Islington Ave. 750 meters ahead, on your right, will be the entry to Boyd Conservation Area, 8739 Islington Ave, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6, Canada.

Full Route: